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Stonewall. A special, intensely casual golf destination.

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The place is simply called Stonewall. Where passion for golf is the only requirement. It is not Stonewall Country Club or Stonewall National Golf and Country Club. Just Stonewall, inspired by our handsome and sturdy Pennsylvania fieldstone walls, where two of them, along with the restored farm buildings, frame a most memorable finishing hole.


For eighteen years, Stonewall has been a second home. We were a young family when I built the Old Course back in 1992, and many of the club’s staff are still on board today. From the beginning, Stonewall has been a place to relax, where good manners and an appreciation for the game of golf trump any need for rules and dress codes. It is a retreat from the everyday world, and just far enough from the city that it is a special trip each time you choose to go.”