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North Course

Like pouring cream into coffee, the North Course has enriched the entire experience at Stonewall. It was built 10 years after the Old, and was also crafted by Tom Doak, based on a handshake contract made right after completing the Old Course. Thus ends the similarity between the two courses, as the North Course was intended to have its own character yet complement its predecessor. Whereas the Old Course is more challenging tee to green, the North Course green complexes are more difficult than those on the Old Course. As noted by Tom Doak, "On the first golf course, most of the greens are tilted, and if you miss to the high side, you're in trouble. On the new course, the greens are more intricately contoured, and depending on where the hole is from one day to the next, there might be a different side you'd want to miss on in order to have a chance to get up and down."

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